The Swingroller innovation

Erick Nicolle is an eternal teenager. He is bubbling with ideas and has a knack of making inert materials become wonderful toys ! No wonder some of his friends call him Geppetto! 

Back in 1999, he somehow came to the idea of changing the concept of traditional kart and apply the action reaction concept to a 3 wheel's kart and he came out with THE SWINGROLLER, an ultra-innovative ride-on.

Imagine : Any kid could sit on it and learn instantly how to go around the playground in a fully autonomous way to have fun!

Your child just pushes alternatively with both his feet, and the                                   

Swingroller starts going foward in a snakelike motion. 

Hum well,  we have to be honest with you... there is one issue... one the kids try it, they won't let go !!