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The Invention Of The Swingroller

As we're starting to roll out blog posts, I thought a pretty interesting one would be to tell you the story of the Swingroller...

The genius behind the Swingroller idea is Erick Nicolle. Erick has a load of great ideas and an innovative mind, but he also has a special talent for transforming materials and ideas into fun toys!

Back in 1999, he thought of an idea. This idea was to completely change the concept of a traditional three wheeled cart toy to a toy that also combines the use of physical and educational motor skills! He came up with the SWINGROLLER!!


The Swingroller is now an extremely innovative three wheeled kart that is not only fun, but is extremely educational, as it helps with a child's physical and motor skills from pushing the handlebars alternatively with both feet.

Many schools and kids at home now own one of these toys because not only does it take kids only MINUTES to learn how to use it. but it is also an excellent alternative to bikes or scooters (except if you ask me, it's even easier because there are no pedals, no chains and no batteries!)

After Erick brought the idea up to me, I fell in love with the concept and decided to hop on board the Swingroller team! We've made many versions and adaptations since 1999, and now you can get the newest and most advanced version of any Swingrollers out there, in France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia and USA!