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About Us

Erick Nicolle will be forever in children's heart. He is full of brilliant ideas, especially when it comes to transforming inert materials into creative toys!

No wonder his friends call him Geppetto! 

Back in 1999, he came up with an idea to change the concept of a traditional 3 wheeled kart by applying the 'action reaction' concept... and he came up with THE SWINGROLLER, an ultra-innovative ride-on.
Imagine this, any kid can sit on the Swingroller and immediately learn how to swing around the playground in a fully autonomous way whilst having fun!
It simply takes pushing the handlebars alternatively with both feet, and WOOSH!
The Swingroller starts going forward just like in a snakelike motion. 
And hmm well, we have to be honest with you... there is only one issue... once the kids try it, they won't stop!! 
After the first Swingroller was created in 1999, Philippe Montagne fell in love with the concept and joined the team. Many versions have been made in order to adapt to all users, and we now have the perfect Swingroller!
Now, you can get your hands on Swingrollers in France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Australia and USA!