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1. How does it work?

    The swingroller is an innovative design that uses your own two feet’s force to move the machine. Just by using a simple left foot right foot movement alternatively against the front bar, it starts to move forwards in a snakelike motion.

    2. How do I stop it?

    To stop your swingroller, simply stop the movement! The swingroller is motion dependent on feet movement, so the swingroller will come to a stop once you stop moving your feet. Our toy range has a brand new (and never done before!) double-wheeled braking system that is made to avoid kids losing any balance and avoid any skids.

     3. Where can I use it?

      You don’t need any special surfaces, as the Swingroller works on pretty much any flat, dry surface indoors or outdoors. Make sure to use it during daytime as there aren’t any lights for it to be used at night time.

      4. What do I need to know before using it?

      The swingroller technique is extremely easy to pick-up and use, and doesn’t require any preparation on how to use it, kids can learn in just minutes! We do however warn that protective equipment should be worn, including kneepads, elbow pads and a helmet. Check out our helmets on our “Spare parts and Accessories Page” to get a speedy looking helmet to match your swingroller!

      5. What can I do with the swingroller?

      On top of using it to ride around, you can also play games such as racing against each other, or playing ball games with it!

      Some of our personal favourite games on the swingroller include playing a handball match with each other, but on your swingroller instead. It’s exactly the same as playing a normal version but on your swingroller and in teams! You can also play beanbag hockey game or even basketball! Check out some of the videos on our Swingroller Toy pages to see the swingroller in game action!

      6. Do you carry spare parts?

      Yes! We carry all spare parts you might need, for example the seat or the wheels. Check out our Accessories and Spare Parts page for more info.

      7. What about the wheels?           

      Wheels wear off after some time, especially depending on your kids weight, the surface you’re riding on, and the usage. The wheels can last for years, but is dependent on these conditions! If you find that your front wheel is wearing off too quickly, we also sell our education range wheel for personal use too. These are much wider and mean it is more durable, resulting to a longer-lasting amount of time for fun on your swingrollers!

      8. What exactly are gross motor skills and why is it important?

      Gross motor skills allow children to control those body movements that require the use of large muscles in the legs, arms and torso. It is important to develop them early as it helps a child gain strength and confidence in their own body. It also helps them get exercise and physical activity, which is ultimately important for a healthy lifestyle, both now and in the future! These skills also help your child learn more complex skills in the future – for example joining a sports team when they're older!

      9. What is the age limit?

      Our smallest swingroller, The First, is appropriate for kids as young as 2! We recommend using The First from ages 2-6 years old, The Original from 5-9 years old and The Grand from 9-12 years old.

      10. What is the weight limit?

      All of our swingrollers are EN71 approved, which means the weight limit on them are all 50kg.

      11. Where do you ship to?

      At the moment, we ship across Asia and Europe! We currently don't ship to the Americas, and we're really sorry about that! But please be patient and bare with us as we're trying to get a warehouse out there! Please do get in contact with us if you'd like to find out more about this. 

       Safety comes first!!

      We put the safety of all children as our number one priority. In order to put children’s safety first, we advise that parents read all instructions before use. Parent supervision throughout is also recommended. As well, wearing a helmet and protective gear is a must when using the swingroller!

      When replacing and assembling new parts, we recommend keeping this out of reach from children, as the smaller parts can be a potential choking hazard and your fingers/hair/other body parts and clothing can get caught.



      1. How do I use the watergun?

      Using the watergun is extremely easy, simply open the lid and fill the tank up, then attach it to your handlebar and pump the trigger to experience all the fun! Check out the instructions for more detailed instructions

      2. What can I put it on?

      The Aquashooter watergun is a universal watergun that is adaptable and adjustable to most diameters and shapes of handlebars found on bicyles, pushbikes, tricycles, 2 wheel scooters, 3 wheel scooters and more! The patented adapter also has 360° rotation capacity on the handlebars and is wholly adjustable for your comfort!

      3. What games can I play with it?

      Our personal favourite game is an outdoor duelling game just like paintballing or an aerial dogfight - either 1 vs. 1 or in teams vs. teams. The best way to do it is to add a few drops of fruit syrup in one team's waterguns, and another coloured syrup in the other - so you can be clearly ID'd as stricken or not! (Apologies to the parents for all the laundry after playing!). 3...2...1.. BATTLE!

      4. Is it safe?

      The watergun is super safe, it has a side trigger which means it allows the user to keep both hands on the handlebar and remain balanced, so you can play and stay safe!

      5. What is the age range?

      This product comes in one size, so whilst our recommended user age is 3-13 years old, really anyone can use this! You as a parent can use this alongside your kids.


      And of course, if you have any other questions about anything else, or your question hasn't been fully answered, please feel free to drop us a line, we'd be happy to help!