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It's time to have fun!! The Swingroller is a special outdoor toy that is designed for kids to swing and roll their way into lots of FUN in a SAFE, COMFORTABLE and EDUCATIONAL way!! 


Safety always comes first, which is why we're super excited to share with you what we've been working on. We've created and designed a brand new and sleek double-wheeled braking system that has never been done in the Swingroller world!! 

Our brand new design also comes with bright new colours, perfect for anyone. You can pick it up in any of your favourite colours - orange, pink, blue and green!!!

Kids can pick the Swingroller up and learn how to use this within minutes! This makes it a perfect alternative to bikes or scooters... except it's even easier because there are no pedals, no chains and no batteries! 

So... let your kids play safely, comfortable and with more FUN than ever on our Swingrollers!

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